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Psychological services for children include Autism syndrome (Asperger, Rett syndrome, Atypical autism), Down syndrome, Behavioral disorder, Mental retardation, Delayed mental development, Hyperactivity, Cerebral palsy, Children's fears, shyness, complexes, self-affliction, communication difficulty, Social adaptation Aggressiveness, Stubbornness, Nailing, Fingering, Gold Warming, Frustration, Memory, Imagination Weakness, Thinking, Understanding Problems, School and Garden Phobia.

Our adult psychological counseling includes stress, tension, aggression, depression, age crisis, excitement, self-esteem, self-impotence, self-affirmation, leniency, social adaptation, social communication problem, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and so on. includes.

Psychological counseling for adolescents includes self-affirmation, dissatisfaction, depression, inconvenience, conflict in society, conflict with society, sexual education problems, increased sensitivity and aggression, freedom of personality, conflict with parents.

If you are experiencing frequent conflicts in family relationships and looking for ways to resolve these conflicts, take advantage of our psychological counseling services at home.

If you feel psychologically incompatible with your spouse, think about how you can protect your family, if you have difficulty communicating with your child, if you are unable to prevent the collapse of your family, and if you are facing the interference of others in solving your problems, If you are looking for ways to build bridal relationships, how to regulate the marriage, we will be of help to you, if you think you can overcome the bride's conflict.

Psychological counseling for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very important and difficult stage of women's life. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid stress in this period. The major source of stress is the hormone replacement. Dear Pregnant Ladies, If you are concerned about problems such as changes in woman's psychiatry during pregnancy, stress on pregnancy and childbirth stress, postpartum depression, pregnancy and motherhood, stages of mental development of a baby, then do not hesitate to contact us, we are in your service.