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ACCA - Professional Stage

The professional stage of ASAA

P1 Professional Accountant - professional accountant (2.5 months - 36h)

P2 Corporate Reporting - Corporate Reports (2.5 months - 36h)

P3 Business Analysis - Business analysis (2.5 months - 36 hours)

P4 Advanced Financial Management - Broken Financial Management (2.5 months - 36h)

P5 Advanced Performance Management - Integrated Management Effectiveness (2.5 months - 36hours)

P6 Advanced Taxation - Налоги (более глубокие знания) (2.5 месяца - 36 часов)

P7Advanced Audit and Assurance - Audit and Services (more than 2.5 months - 36hours)

Note: The professional phase is divided into two modules: Essentials (P1-P3) and Options (Optional Special Subjects) (P4-P7). The program is gradually oriented to the development of technical backgrounds, especially the full range of professional skills and the acquisition of innovative methods and skills from professionals who participate in the role of the highest level of consultants. All Candidates have to complete all three essentials of the Essentials module. Module Options consists of four quizzes. This exam is based on equivalence examinations in the module Fundamentals Skills. The candidate has not been able to identify three of the four special subjects.