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Banking and Banking Accounting


Bankruptcy and banking records;

Fundamentals of bankruptcy;

Banknote will register;

Audit Banking and Financial Institutions;

Governance in banks;

International Accounting Office (F3);

Налоги и налоговый учет;

The program "Fundamentals of bankruptcy": training;

Module №1: Bank system:

The economic system and the banking sector;
Classification of banks.
Module № 2: Структура Банка

Структура Банка;
Network Branches.
Module №3: Operational Bank

Basic concepts in banking business;
Formation of financial resources in banks.
Module № 4: Banking services

Open account books;
Cash Operations;
Plastic Card;
Instantaneous counters;
Currency operations;
Platinum systems.
Module № 5: Credit

Ponyatie credit;
Type of credit;
Provision of credit;
Credit analysis;
Problematic loans.
Module № 6: Letter of credit, guaranty, factoring, confiscation, leasing, etc. e.

Module №7: Bubba with croaking pulse

Module № 8: Prudential Regulatorization

The capacities of the card
Other prudential requirements
Module № 9: Management with resources

Obligatory Reserve;
Currency Position;
Colored paper.
 Program for teaching banking in the banking sector (prolongation 3 months):

Introduction to Economics, Fundamental Economical Concepts;
Formation of money and banks;
Financial-banking system, its role in economy;
Особенности банковского бизнес в мире и Азербайджане;
Classification of banks, organizational structure;
Classifieds Banking Services;
Active and Passive Transactions;
Shut, bank classification;
Deposit and savings;
Individual management, non-essential payment;
Bank riskie;
Banknote marketing;
Therapeutic practice in the jar.