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1C Accounting courses

For those who want to improve their professionalism in the field of accounting, as well as for those who want to study 1C programs (versions 7.7, 8.2, 8.3) and Trade and warehouse (version 7.7), we invite you to join our lessons. Our teachers have 10 years experience in accounting and accounting (7.7, 8.2 and 8.3).

Training under the program "1C Accounting" is conducted in accordance with the new and old plan.

Our teachers are professional accountants, financial managers and accountants who work remotely. In order for you to make sure that our lessons are held at a high level, you can take part in one of our lessons for free.

Our classes are taught individually and in small groups.

Short course curriculum of 1C Accounting course:

  1. Creating a database
  2. Main company information (Adding branches, departments, individuals and other changes).
  3. Cooperation, debtors and creditors, buyers and mortgage loans, etc.
  4. Add goods, materials, products, fixed assets.
  5. Add warehouses.
  6. Banking operations. Writing bank statements.
  7. Mark those who are credited and billed to the current account. Writing payment instructions.
  8. Addition of monetary units, cash transactions. Writing commissions and orders for income.
  9. Preliminary report, collection of prepaid reports.
  10. Revenue, sales of goods and materials from the mortgage.
  11. Accounting and removal of stocks
  12. Accounting for products.
  13. Accounting for fixed assets
  14. Intangible assets
  15. Issuing orders, Records staff - Calculation and payment of wages.
  16. Review of transactions to each account, analysis of accounts, etc.