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Accounting Courses

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites all those who want to improve their professionalism and begin new activities in Accountancy in the following areas of Accounting:

- National Accounting

- Banking Accounting

- National Accounting Standards

- International Accounting

- International Accounting Standards

- Tax Accounting and Tax Legislation

- 1C Accounting Program (versions 7.7, 8.2 and 8.3)

- 1C Trade Warehouse (version 7.7)

- EXCEL for Accountants and Auditors

The teaching of "1C Accounting" program is taught as required by both new and old plan plans.

Our teachers and trainers are professional accountants, auditors, financial managers, and accountants. You can take part in any of our actual lessons and then decide later on to make sure that our lessons are taught at the highest level.

Our lessons are taught by individuals and small groups.

Program of National Accounting

  1. Accounting conception. Document circulation in enterprise. Structure of  economical means.
  2. Structure of accounting balance. Accounting system of account structure. The classification of accounts.
  3. Accounting plan of the enterprise accounts.
  4. Fixed assets, inclusion of fixed assets, Depreciation of fixed assets (Shock absorber), the lease transactions.
  5. Rapidly worn-out low price things, and their rubbed out rules in production. Inventory making of the property.
  6. Serious forms and its filling method (VAT, excise).
  7. Analytical and synthetic turnover schedule.
  8. Settlement with seller and contractor on the advances and accounting with the receipts and orders.
  9. Payroll, payments to staff. Income taxes of physical person. Settlement with founders. Trade and the State Social Protection Fund.
  10. Production costs, the future expenses, defective goods in production, output of business and services.
  11. Calculation cost of goods.
  12. Taxes paid to the budget: property tax, profit tax, the net income tax, land tax, road tax, etc.
  13. Ready commodities and their selling. Turnover expenses, the commercial expenses. Selling products. Barter transaction.
  14. Cash means, cash report, current account, settlement report, currency account, the special bank accounts. on coming transfers.
  15. Gains and losses, using of benefits, profit tax of person, filling part of R-DN form
  16. Charter capital, reserve capital, additional capital. Retained earnings. Next payment reserve
  17. Cash Settlements
  18. Bank Accounts
  19. Banking loans, banking loans for employees, long-term and short-term banking loans. Statistical report. Control Guide.
  20. Filling tax forms.