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Design Courses

ArchiCAD courses

ArchiCAD is a software package for graphics developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft - an automated design system. ArchiCad is designed for elements such as terrain, furniture, etc.

In ArchiCAD it is also possible to work on the creation of the project, as well as build the relevant building documents, as well as store information about the building: plans, prospects, cuts, a list of necessary building materials and adjustments made by the designer in the process of work.

The developed design at any stage of the work can be seen in a three-dimensional, cross-section.

ArchiCAD is currently the most widely used and popular software in its architectural profile.

The ArchiCad course is designed for architects, interior designers and external designers, engineers and other designers, as well as those who study in this specialty and who wish to begin building a career in this direction.

The ArchiCad course is taught for 2 months. Classes are held in groups of 2-3 people or individually. Teachers are specialists who have many years of experience in this field and are well versed in practice.

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