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Trainings and Qualifications

Culture of Speech

Talking beautifully and effectively can be the beginning of your career!

Do not like the sound? Do you find it difficult to explain your point of view? Do not trust yourself? Do you know how much your success in the workplace depends on your speaking culture? Want to learn the secret of being more convincing by using gesture and mimicry when talking? Then contact us! At the articulation courses we have, you will have excellent conversation and full voice capability. By doing so, you will gain many benefits in the future with your workplace and others. We have special training for those who want to be a radio or television presenter.

Debate courses - the opportunities you have not discovered!

Program of Speech Culture Training

We teach the most relevant information about correct, effective, and colorful conversations at our 24-hour training courses and focus on doing so through practical exercises.

TYPE (3 Hours):

PAGE - Sound is born of our breathing. The more accurate and plentiful the breath is, the stronger the sound becomes. Thanks to the training, you get rid of the wrong breath that you have been accustomed to for many years, and you will breathe diaphragm. In addition to the serious effects of sound, people who breathe diaphragm are able to experience significant improvements in the treatment of many diseases as a result of plenty of oxygen acceptance.

VOL (3 Hours):

Sound is the image of man. People with a good voice immediately attract the attention of others, and listen to them with more interest when speaking. People with weak, flimsy, crunchy or rude voices can not keep their focus on speech choices but they can not get the desired results. By utilizing sound aesthetics, you can dramatically increase your success in communication.

ARTICLE - PAGE (3 hours):

Each sound (or letter) comes out of the mouth by earning a certain shape in the mouthpiece. When using the tongue, lip and jaw that is present in their formation, words seem as if they were "poured out" from the mouth of the speaker. For example, when they say A, the lips are the same, even when they say U. Thanks to the exercises, the mouthpiece and the surrounding muscles will be activated, words will come out smoothly. You and your neighbors will immediately feel flimsy.

FONETIC (3 Hours):

Indeed, every literal individual is a beautiful line of person who learns to write, and it is the mysterious speeches of a person who sounds every single word correctly. Sounds words and words make our speech. Exercises on syllables begin when the work is done. It is taught to correctly pronounce the syllables, which are accustomed to the so-called emphasis. In addition, the emphasis in text reading exercises is corrected by selecting words that are incorrect.


The result that each person wants to gain during communication is to create a good impression, to be convinced, to influence, and to get what he wants. At this time, it should always be used in a more effective speech, rather than a habitual voice tone, vocabulary, intonation. During the lessons text is printed on a variety of subjects. Then the text is played and the work is continued until the most effective form.

WORK OF STUDY (3 hours)

In this lesson, there is a pre-negotiated study of sound-breath-articulation, disco-phonetics and dramatic workshops. Using the camera and the podium, individual approach-based exercises that meet the needs and presenting deficiencies of the participant are carried out.


The lessons, types, structure, preparation habits are taught. Participants come up with a presentation on a topic that they choose. Speeches are addressed to the audience and to the front of the camera. The trainer remains in the tracking position. After the exit, the debate begins. Thanks to the lessons, you can enjoy relaxed, exciting speech at the event in any future event in your life, and enrich people with your own speech.

LANGUAGE LANGUAGE Lectures (3 hours)

The body language in communication has a full 60% effect. When speaking, gestures and gestures should support our speech, make our speech more effective. Even when we do not speak, our body language is necessarily a message. The tongue can lie, but never the body language. This is a collection of actions that show itself in an arbitrary form. Lessons are taught through effective use of body language, as well as the secrets of reading others' body language.