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Foreign language courses

Italian language courses

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites all those who want to learn the ability to speak Italian in their new Spanish language groups.

The course program consists of 6 levels:

1. A1 - Beginner level
2. A2 - Elementary level
3. B1 - Pre-Intermediate level
4. B2 - Intermediate level
5. C1 - Upper Intermediate level (high average)
6. C2 - Advanced level

Although each level has a program of 2 months, this can increase or decrease depending on the language learning ability and the time it takes to study the language.

Lessons are organized three times a week, each lesson is 1 hour or 2 times a week, each lesson is 1 hour. Classes are taught individually or in groups.

NOTE: Lessons are taught by a trained teacher of Italian language teaching.