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Korean language courses

Registration for our Korean language courses has started. Korean courses are held three times a week for an hour or twice for half an hour in small groups or individually.

Korean language intentionally divided into six dialects: northern-east, northern-west, central, southern-east, eastern-west and at last the dialect used in Chedchudo island.

Historically its written language is known since 1446. It is based on the Khan-qul writing system of China. Korean language phoneme system consists of 40 phonemes. 19 of them are consonants, 21 are vowels. Korean language is considered to be agglutinative language with nominative structure.

Korean is a language which has an alphabet and three types of salutation: high, middle and low. Appealing to people is very important in Korean language, so it is very impolite to appeal to the elders in a low salutation.