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Online Test


1.)I had to keep my daughter home from school today because she had a ......... of 38 degrees.

A) fever
B) headache
C) temperature
D) warmth

2.)When we were in Bali last year, we ......... at a marvelous hotel overlooking the beach.

A) leased
B) lived
C) rented
D) stayed

3.)I was wondering if you could ......... me to play the violin?

A) assist
B) teach
C) learn
D) study

4.)I hate doing the ......... — especially cleaning the windows.

A) homework
B) housework
C) jobs
D) groundwork

5.)I'm sorry but I haven't ......... today.

A) read my lesson
B) done my lesson
C) done my homework
D) studied my homework

6.)Some millionaires have lots of money and ... what to do with it.

A) don't know
B) didn't
C) won't know
D) knows

7.)When they arrived ... the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.

A) to
B) at
C) in
D) for

8.)- How long … you … ?
- Since I was 17.

A) have been driving
B) have driven
C) did drive
D) do drive

9.)I … to the news on television at nine o'clock last night.

A) was listening
B) listened
C) have been listening
D) had been listening

10.)Today is ... cold than yesterday. So, I'm wearing my shorts.

A) little
B) less
C) least
D) the least

11.)"Come home ... Christmas Day, we'll be waiting for you", my mother always says to me.

A) in
B) on
C) -
D) at

12.)That's an easy question! ... knows the answer!

A) All
B) Everybody
C) Each
D) Every

13.)Which hotel did you stay at? - … .

A) one opposite the station
B) the one opposite the station
C) opposite the station
D) an opposite station

14.)Jack has a bad memory. He can’t remember … .

A) nothing
B) something
C) anything
D) none

15.)I am going to London … my grandparents.

A) see
B) seeing
C) to see
D) to seeing

16.)It was very difficult, but the police eventually … get a line on him.

A) Could
B) managed to
C) need
D) must

17.)You don't need to buy anything, I've got … potatoes and some bread.

A) few
B) a little
C) a few
D) little

18.)I don't drink these days, but I … .

A) am used to
B) using to
C) used to
D) use to

19.)The loss of trees through uncontrolled deforestation caused erosion and unstable climate. So it is written everywhere “…”!

A) Growing trees prohibited!
B) Please keep all your luggage with you at all times!
C) Keep the grass!
D) Keep off the grass!

20.)I am looking forward … my friend.

A) seeing
B) to see
C) to seeing
D) see

21.)I don’t like stories … have unhappy endings.

A) what
B) than
C) who
D) that

22.)The sun has set, … it is still light.

A) but
B) however
C) so
D) as

23.)He knew there was to be a meeting today, … he came.

A) as
B) so
C) so as
D) then

24.)He never stops talking and he never says anything … . So everybody fed up with him.

A) interesting
B) interested
C) bored
D) boring

25.)… love is more important than … money.

A) the, the
B) a, the
C) the, …
D) ..., ...

26.)There is … atmosphere in this Chinese restaurant.

A) live
B) lively
C) a lively
D) liver

27.)Would you like something … ?

A) to eat
B) eating
C) eat
D) to eating

28.)Where ……? Which hairdresser did you go to?

A) did you cut your hair
B) have cut your hair
C) did you have cut your hair
D) did you have your hair cut

29.) 1. ugly
2. brown
3. big
4. an
5. desk
6. office
7. wooden

A) 4,1,3,2,7,6,5
B) 4,1,2,3,6,7,5
C) 4,1,5,6,2,3,5
D) 4,1,3,2,6,7,5

30.)These shoes are … of all.

A) less expensive
B) the least expensive
C) the less expensive
D) least expensive

31.) If I didn’t go to the party, they … … .

A) had been offended
B) would be offended
C) were offended
D) be offended

32.)I don't … like the sound of your cough.

A) many
B) a lot
C) much
D) a lot of

33.)He helps to sort out problems for both people and ghost.

A) make
B) carry out
C) solve
D) bring up

34.)The comic told silly jokes, but nobody laughed ... him.

A) on
B) under
C) at
D) about

35.)I think you must be mad. I … God you don't mean what you say.

A) hope for
B) hope to
C) hoping
D) hope


   The American omposer, George Gershwin, was born in 1898 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. He began his musical education at age 11, when his family bought a second-hand piano. The piano was not bought for him, but for his older brother, Ira. However, George surprised everyone when he played a popular song, which he had taught by himself by following the keys on a neighbor’s player piano, and his parents decided that George should receive lessons. He studied piano with a famous music teacher at the time, Charles Hambitzer. He was so impressed with Gershwin's talent that he gave him lessons for free.

36.)According to the passage, why did George's piano teacher give him lessons for free?

A) His parents were too poor to pay for the lessons.
B) The teacher was impressed with George's talent.
C) Famous piano teachers never received money from their students.
D) Popular music was more important than classical music.

37.)According to the passage, who did the Gershwin parents buy the piano for?

A) George Gershwin
B) Charles Hambitzer
C) Other Russian immigrants
D) Ira Gershwin

38.)Who did George Gershwin study piano with?

A) By himself
B) Ira Gershwin
C) Father
D) Charles Hambitzer

39.)What word does the word “he” as used in text refers to?

A) George Gershwin
B) Charles Hambitzer
C) Other Russian immigrants
D) Ira Gershwin

40.)Which is the closest in meaning to the word “second-hand” as used in text?

A) new
B) brand-new
C) broken
D) old