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Online Test


1.)They are very good friends and ......... on well with each other.

A) do
B) get
C) make
D) take

2.)Most of the telephone lines were destroyed in the storm last night and so it's almost impossible to ......... through to anybody today.

A) do
B) take
C) make
D) get

3.)I went to the department store ......... buy a new sweater.

A) for
B) get to
C) in order to
D) because

4.)We will study English if we ......... to England.

A) go
B) would go
C) will go
D) went

5.)For many years, I ......... ski again because I was living in hot places.

A) cannot
B) couldn’t
C) shouldn’t
D) wasn’t able to

6.)He thought to ......... as he was dressing in front of his mirror.

A) his
B) he
C) himself
D) him

7.)The telephone was__________ by Alexander Graham Bell.

A) discovered
B) invented
C) explored
D) studied

8.)There is oxygen on this planet, if not! We_________ to breathe!

A) cannot
B) won't can
C) not be able
D) won't be able

9.)John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and________ to be murdered.

A) four
B) the four
C) fourth
D) the fourth

10.)Those flowers ……. under the tree. It is too dark.

A) aren’t grew
B) wouldn’t grow
C) grow
D) won't grow

11.)She got married ……. she was at university.

A) while
B) as
C) as soon as
D) so

12.)Samantha has some interesting news, ……. .

A) also
B) as well
C) either
D) nearly

13.)It has rained every day for the past fortnight. It's unbelievable, ……..?

A) isn’t it
B) is it
C) doesn’t it
D) does it

14.)He ………. television all day.

A) is watching
B) has watched
C) has been watching
D) watched

15.) I am not going out tomorrow evening, because I have a lot of things to do. - ………

A) Nor am I
B) So am I
C) So do I
D) Neither not I

16.) It is very important question so we must ……… it in the meeting.

A) carry on
B) make up
C) give up
D) bring up

17.)I am going to………the car with petrol.

A) full
B) fill in
C) fill up
D) pour

18.)A feeling of discontent because someone has something that you want…….?

A) envy
B) purpose
C) selfish
D) kind

19.)Many accidents………..by careless driving.

A) caused
B) are caused
C) causes
D) cause

20.)You won’t pass the examination…….you study more

A) if
B) when
C) providing
D) unless

21.)When we went into the house, we ......... smell burning

A) could
B) can
C) were able to
D) are able to

22.)My eyesight isn’t very good. I......wear glasses.

A) must
B) have to
C) should
D) mustn’t

23.)Marry has got a big house with a very large yard.”...........”

A) Neither have I
B) Nor have I
C) So have got I
D) So have I

24.)Jane and Nick stood in front of the mirror and look at …….. .

A) them
B) themselves
C) each other
D) one another

25.)I am sure I know this girl. I clearly remember …… her.

A) talking with
B) talk with
C) talking to
D) talk to

26.)They gave me an application from to ….. .

A) fill in
B) fill it in
C) fill
D) fill in it

27.)What was the happiest day … your life?

A) of
B) in
C) about
D) with

28.)Do you easily get …. ?

A) embarrassing
B) embarrassed
C) embarrass
D) to embarrassed

29.)I wish I …… a lot of money. It would make life so much easier.

A) have
B) had
C) would have
D) had had

30.)A picture cut into pieces that you have to put together again. “……….”

A) embroider
B) jigsaw
C) frame
D) pendulum

31.)We …….. for half an hour when it started to rain.

A) play
B) played
C) were playing
D) had been playing

32.)I congratulated her …. passing the exam.

A) for
B) in
C) on
D) about

33.)I like travelling by sea …. it's not enough.

A) as long as
B) unless
C) provide
D) if

34.)I'd rather not …. out this evening.

A) to go
B) go
C) went
D) going

35.) Let's go for a walk, …..?

A) will we
B) shall we
C) do we
D) don’t we


    May 18, 1980, dawned clear and cool in the Cascades, but it would pass into history as a momentous day when the cataclysmic eruption of Mt.St.Helens turned a vast area of the pristine Washington countryside into a cauldron of devastation. Mt.St.Helens was one of the most beautiful mountains in the Northwest, having been called the Fujiyama of America, but it was also, and still remains, the most active volcano in the Cascade Range.
    A century of volcanic inactivity has made Washingtonians complacent. However, beneath the tranquil sylvan paradise, molten magma was slowly rising to the surface of the earth, eventually forming a mushroom-shaped lava dome that exploded with the force of 10 million tons of TNT at 8:30 a.m, throwing nature into upheaval. A hot plume of ash and debris rose 65,000feet into the sky, turning day into night. Billowing, hot molten rock avalanches swept down the flanks of the mountain, moving down everything in their paths. Spirit Lake boiled, and rivers turned black. On the slopes great swaths of trees were blown away from the mountain and tossed in heaps. Fires burned everywhere. In the aftermath, what had been pristine beauty only hours before lay in total devastation. The crest of the mountain had been completely blown away and a thick carpet of ash covered the landscape. Trees were strewn about like toothpicks
   Most people believed that decades, even centuries, would pass before the land would recover. However, nature proved to be far more resilient than expected. The return of life, both plant and animal, was remarkable, and today undergrowth carpets the ground and wildlife is abundant. A forest of young trees graces the slopes and valleys below the volcano, and a delicate and serene beauty has returned once more to this vast wilderness area.

36.)According to the passage, Mt. St. Helens was called the Fujiyama of America because of its

A) height
B) beauty
C) volcanic activity
D) cataclysmic eruption

37.)According to the passage, what was the mood of Washingtonians before the eruption occurred?

A) they had been expecting the eruption for some time.
B) they didn’t know that Mt. St. Helens was an active volcano.
C) they knew that whatever happened, nature would recover
D) they were not concerned about the eruption at all.

38.)According to the passage, how long had Mt. St. Helens been inactive?

A) ten years
B) fifty years
C) one hundred years
D) two hundred years

39.)When Mt. St. Helens exploded, which of the following did NOT occur?

A) Molten rock avalanches flowed down mountainsides.
B) a plume of ash and debris rose to the sky.
C) the earth cracked and formed a new valley.
D) fries burned in the forests.

40.)According to the passage, what does the Mt. St. Helens area look like today?

A) nature has made a surprising recovery
B) the land is a devastated as it was the day of the eruption.
C) nature has not proven to be very resilient.
D) There is undergrowth but no trees.