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Online Test


1.)_____ American?

A) Are
B) You
C) You are
D) Are you

2.)Sorry, it's _____ beer

A) me
B) my
C) may
D) mine

3.)That's mine! Give it to _____ , please.

A) me
B) my
C) İ
D) mine

4.)_____ students are very intelligent.

A) This
B) They
C) These
D) That

5.)He can _____ six languages.

A) -
B) speak
C) speaking
D) to speak

6.)_____ she want a drink ?

A) Do
B) Is
C) Does
D) Are

7.)I _____ to the radio now.

A) listen
B) listening
C) am listen
D) am listening

8.)He often _____ to his office.

A) walk
B) walking
C) walks
D) is walking

9.) She _____ at home.

A) be
B) are
C) is
D) am

10.)_____ your name?

A) How is
B) What
C) Who
D) What is

11.)_____ open the window. I'm cold.

A) -
B) Don't
C) Not
D) Let's

12.)- What's your job?
- I'm _____ teacher.

A) -
B) the
C) a
D) an

13.)_____ some fish in the freezer.

A) This is
B) Theirs
C) They're
D) There's

14.)_____ English well?

A) Speak he
B) Do he speak
C) Does he speak
D) Does he speaks

15.)Which glass is _____ ?

A) your
B) yours
C) you
D) yourself

16.)Don't worry, he drives very _____ nowadays.

A) slowlier
B) slower
C) slowly
D) slowest

17.)Where _____ they yesterday ?

A) will
B) was
C) did be
D) were

18.)She's _____ than you think.

A) strong
B) stronger
C) strongly
D) more strong

19.)Hurry up! The train _____ !

A) comes
B) coming
C) is come
D) is coming

20.)Is there _____ coffee in the jar?

A) any
B) some
C) a lot
D) none

21.)_____ car is that?

A) Who's
B) What's
C) How's
D) Whose

22.)The football match starts _____ 5 o'clock.

A) on
B) in
C) at
D) since

23.)I _____ a car or a house or a family.

A) doesn't have
B) haven't got
C) have not
D) do not

24.)Do you really want _____ English?

A) learn
B) to learn
C) learning
D) learner

25.)_____ seven people in the room.

A) They were
B) It was
C) There were
D) Those were

26.)They _____ to London last week.

A) came
B) come
C) have come
D) has come

27.)_____ a glass of juice, please.

A) I'm like
B) I look like
C) Like
D) I'd like

28.)Ouch! I _____ my finger! Look, it's bleeding.

A) cutted
B) did cut
C) have cut
D) have cutted

29.)The air in Prague is really bad. There's _____ smoke

A) a lot
B) enough
C) too much
D) very

30.) I _____ see the film tomorrow.

A) will to
B) going to
C) am going to
D) am going


Some friends come into our lives for just a short time. Others come and stay forever. Think about your closest friends. How long have you known each other? Some people say that their spouse or family member is their best friend. Others say they have known their closest friends for many years. And some great friends haven't known each other all that long, but knew right away that there was a connection, or bond, between them. Could it be that there is a twin spirit out there for each of us?
What turns a stranger or acquaintance into a friend? Do you know right away if you are going to like someone? Some people think that any stranger can become a friend if they spend enough time together. That may be true for some people. But one thing most of us agree on is that true friendships seem to happen when people have something in common. Perhaps we see a part of ourselves in our friends. Maybe seeing the good in them helps us to see the good in us as well.

31.) Your husband or wife cannot be your best friend.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

32.)Many friends feel a connection when they first meet.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

33.)Every person definitely has a twin spirit.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

34.)A stranger is the same as an acquaintance.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

35.)A stranger is the same as a friend.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

36.)Most friends have similar likes and dislikes.

A) True
B) False
C) -
D) -

37.)_ _ _ _is Eiffel Tower? Paris or Rome?

A) how
B) what
C) where
D) whose

38.)Tom_ _ _ _ _ the restaurant yesterday.

A) were
B) was
C) be
D) was in

39.)He never_ _ _ _ _ lunch in a restaurant.

A) doesn’t have
B) has
C) have
D) does

40.)_ _ _ _ _much is that bag?

A) how
B) what
C) why
D) where