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Our Achievments


STIMUL Education & Consulting has been the official representative of the several international companies since 2011. These companies are the followings:

  1. London School of Business and Finance (England)
  2. Bournemouth Business School International (England)
  3. Oxford House College (England)
  4. Anglo-Continental (England)
  5. Sprachcaffe (Germany)
  6. Kaplan International Colleges (England)
  7. Ukrainian International Education Council

Our success is not only limited to this. It was only in May 2010, that  we won the contest of synchronous, systematic and written translations from English into Azerbaijani and vice versa, from English to Russian and vice versa also, announced by the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic. Our cooperation still continues.

Moreover, in 2010, the year we participated in the tender of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the teaching of  Java programming and Oracle software to its employees, in which also participated several international and local companies,  through the experience of our professional trainers we won this event.

STIMUL Education & Consulting again in May 8, 2013 become a winner of the tender announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the running qualification improvement courses on Java Web Programming, Oracle Database 11g and CISCO to its employees.

Our co-operation with the various ministries, international and local organizations, banks, insurance companies, holding companies and individual businessmen still continue.

To this date, we have signed more than 45 successful agreements with different corporate clients in various areas (translation services, accounting services and courses, professional computer programs trainings, foreign language courses, psychological training and courses, study abroad, etc.).


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