Family Psychology

Training - Family and children

1 lesson: How to establish a family
2 lesson: Steps of psychological, sociological and physical development
3 lesson: The Motility child
4 lesson: Bringing up of the child

How to be a good parent?

Some parents think: "What is the connection between an ideal communication and parenthood”? The spouses are so obsessed with their parenthood “roles” that they prefer it to the communication with each other. However in order to be a good parent, first of all you should be a good spouse. There are a lot of parents who never had any problems with their children, but faced to serious challenges with their spouses. Although the children of such parents get on well with their parents, they get their share from the tension between their parents. If so, what is the importance of ideal communication for an ideal parenthood?

  1. First of all, it is important to the parents. Because if the parents feel themselves in "tranquility" (in other words, if they don’t live a problem in domestic surroundings), willy-nilly they will reflect it in their paternity and maternity roles.
  2. Communication between the spouses is very important for quickly impact on what you want (of course, led by bringing up) to give your child. Otherwise, all of your efforts may go for nothing.
  3. A child imitates a good action, as well as a bad action. This is typical especially for under age children. In other words, if you don’t deny your love to your child, but there is hatred between yourselves, it means that your child will learn not only love, but also hatred.
  4. The children seeing non-stable environment in family don’t believe in sincerity of their parents after for a while. This eventually leads to appear distrustfulness within the family and reduction of self-confidence in children.
  5. The tension between the spouses makes a negative influence on psychology of your child.
  6. The children are forced to take one of the parents side after for a while. Of course, at this stage they don’t forget about their own interests.
  7. If your child in a period of adolescence, willy-nilly they start to seek a more stable environment. Therefore, they gradually go away from home.
  8. The children who are growing in such surroundings cannot escape from negative influences of such process in the future when they’ll start a family.

You must treat sensitive and don’t let this process make a negative impact on your child till you’ll solve the problems. Don’t let your child to feel that there’s a problem.

Seven rules to make your family life happy:

  • I  rule. Do not need to argue.
  • II rule. Try to modify a disposition of your husband
  • III rule. Do not criticize.
  • IV rule. Express your sincere gratitude to each other
  • V rule. Pay attention to each other.
  • VI rule. Beaffectionate 
  • VII-rule. Read the books about the aspects of differences between the couples.

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