Russian Language Courses

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE COURSES with brand new methods

STIMUL Education & Consulting – is pleased to invite everybody who is wishful, to learn Russian language with the latest methods and International teaching  aids in a very short period

We don’t claim “only we”, but we claim, we are unique in terms of special Russian language program and also in the qualitative teaching process by the usage of various teaching aids

The utilized special program will be your stimulus to improve your Russian language skills within a short period.

      The Course includes 6 levels:

  1. A1 – Beginner level (Beginner Level)
  2. A2 – Elementary level (Elementary Level)
  3. B1 – Pre-Intermediate level (Low, Medium Level)
  4. B2 - Intermediate level (Intermediate Level)
  5. C1 – Upper Intermediate level (high, medium)
  6. C2 – Advanced level (Advanced Level)


Although the duration for every level lasts for a month and half, it changes according to student`s ability of learning a language from a month to two months

3 hours lesson and plus a conversation club for an hour is included to the weekly program. Lessons are held either at the customer`s office or at our educational center in group or individually

The benefit of the course:

The teaching process is focused on improving four main skills as speaking, listening, writing and reading. The courses are held by using modern methods, CD/DVD materials and special programs.

While choosing a program student`s initial knowledge level, free time and aim for learning a language are taken into consideration. Lessons are held as individuals or in a group, due to the student`s choice.

Attention!!! The lessons are taught by professional teachers who are educated as Russian language teachers and are authors of some scientific articles and teaching aids taught at Universities.

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