Preparation course for Master Degree & MBA

Preparation course for Master Degree

Stimul Education & Consulting provided a guaranteed Master preparation courses and MBA preparation courses. Our customers will be in a full compliance educated with information, logic, and foreign language by experienced teachers in a  short time. At the same time STIMUL organized courses of specialized subjects for those who wish to participate.

Preparation for Master Degree & MBA 

Course Name Time of duration Weekly lesson Price/AZN Group memberships
Month Hour Lesson Single Group Number
English Language     3 150 70 5 - 6
Russian Language     3 130 60 5 - 6
Logic 3 36 3 160 65 5 - 6
İnformation 2 24 3 140 60 5 - 6
Maths (MBA) 3 54 4,5 240 100 3 - 6


  1. The MBA is a master's degree in business administration.
  2. The MBA degree originated in the United States in the late 19th century as the scientific approaches to management.
  3. The MBA degree may choose any specialist qualification, passing 1st stage of the Master exam.
  4. STIMUL Education & Consulting is intending to provide trial exams MBA every Sunday.
  5. The MBA is in the 2nd phase (stage) of Master's Degree examination. At this stage the minimum requirement is 20 score (points). 
  6. It is possible to get an education in Azerbaijani, Russian and English (languages) in MBA faculty.
  7. Young graduated from MBA have the opportunity to specialize in areas of business in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management and so on.
  8. The MBA entrance exam is held on the last Sunday of June.
  9. Preparation for the MBA program 3 times a week for 1,5 hour. The course’s duration is 3 months.

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