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STIMUL provides individuals not only with the English Language skills needed for today’s global economy but also with the leadership and confidence to become a global leader and innovator.


There are 5 good reasons why you have to choose STIMUL:



Situated in the heart of London, our Marble Arch School campus is with in close proximity to all London’s major landmarks, including Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus and it’s just a short bus ride from the financial and business district, the city.


We have locations in the UK- London and other cities.


Our Facilities are:


A. Comfortable and spacious classrooms,

B. Student lounge with internet access,

C. Library &self-access study centre,

D. One-to-one pods for specialized programmes.



The school teaching approach focuses on creating solid foundation in all aspects of the English Language (speaking, listening, writing and reading) while complementing learning with group activities and classroom discussions. This allows you to use your newly acquired skills with confidence.



No other language school gives you more flexible study options. You can choose your course of study by hours or by weeks. You can move from one class to another. We offer all levels of English language proficiency and run flexible morning, midday and afternoon classes.



We meet the highest standards in quality teaching. All our teachers combine first –hand industry expertise supported by continuous professional development and use the latest teaching methodologies and materials so that our classes remain relevant. Our quality assurance is guaranteed by British Council accreditation and membership of English UK and Business English UK



London School is the only school in UK that offers invaluable opportunities to those who wish to boost their confidence in specific skills by offering different levels of IELTS and IELTS Elective classes. Alternatively, our Postgraduate Preparation Programmes offers students the option of taking an internal assessment as entry requirement for their University programmes, in place of taking IELTS


Fees include: all tuition, reports, certificates, student card, welcome pack, use of the library, student lounge, internet services & Wi-Fi facilities and some social events.

Not included: textbooks, examination fees, full-day excursions and paid social events.


General English

Our General English courses are designed for students who wish to improve their ability to communicate effectively in real life, everyday situation in English.

Levels available: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, & Advanced.

Maximum number of student per class is 16.



IELTS is one of the world’s most recognized English proficiency examinations, and is required by most universities in the UK for admission into their programmers. Prices do not include IELTS test fee


Levels available: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate & Advanced

Student must have a minimum of B1 Higher (CEF) or IELTS 4.5 to start. If their level is below this, they will need to attend a General English class before they can progress

Maximum number of student per class: 16



Academic English courses are designed to train students in the skills required for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Levels available: Intermediate & Advanced

Students must have a minimum of B2 (CEF) or IELTS 5.0 to start. If their level is below this, they will need to attend a General English Class before they can progress.

Maximum number of student per class: 16



Our Business English courses are designed for students who wish to develop their language skills in an international business context.


Levels available: Intermediate, Upper- Intermediate & Advanced levels

Students must have a minimum level of B2 (CEF) or IELTS 5.0 to start. If their level is below this, they will need to attend a General English class before they can progress.

Maximum number of student per class: 16



ICFE is an advanced language qualification that has been developed by Cambridge University &ACCA for accountants and finance professionals. The course is designed for students who want to develop their English language skills in a financial context, and for students who are starting out on an ACCA or financial studies course. London School offers 2 ICFE courses: Full-time (Day) and part-time (evening)


B2 (CEF) is required to start

The exam costs approximately 115 pounds

Maximum number of students per class: 16


Cambridge Preparation courses focus on:

  • * Active use and accuracy of grammar
  • * Writing and reading skills
  • * Listening skills
  • * Extensive vocabulary practice
  • * Improving communication ability and comprehension
  • * Exam skills needed to obtain a high Cambridge exam grade

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