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Education Abroad - Courses for improvement qualification - STIMUL Education & Consulting


Combine your English programmer with a variety of exciting 2 weeks content courses looking at some of the word's fastest moving industries.

  •  Financial Markets and institution– The theory and practices of how financial market works
  •  International Marketing– How to market and international organization
  •  International Relation– How countries interact in the 21st Century
  •  Entrepreneurship- What it takes to start up a new enterprise
  •  Climate Change– How to make the environment a better place
  •  Public Speaking- The rules of performance and public appearance
  •  Art, Museums and Auction Management– An introduction to the dynamic world of art and culture
  •  Luxury and Goods Management– The inside workings of the world of Luxury goods
  •  Personal Shopper– How to create a personal brand and wardrobe
  •  The London Look– From Carnaby Street to Savile Row, we explore the impact of London’s fashion & attitude.
  •  A way of life & the City– The relationship between the individual and living in the London metropolis
  •  Radio Broadcast– From idea to production an A to Z of radio broadcasting

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