Other Trainings


Business Training Skills

• Speech ability - Russian (English) class parallel to the main classes

• Computer literacy (Excel and mathematical skills)

• CV preparation, form filling and writing skills

• Internet – an operative way of looking for a job

• Business negotiations

• To be comfortable and ability to express yourself (mind) in all  situations

• Labor Market - Professional (female) staff

• Economic and analytical thinking

• Business Psychology

• Terminology of main concepts in all area

• Marketing

• PR and advertising, customer service

• Banking

• Career in NGO

• Management and administration

• Leadership characteristics

The classes are conducted in a practical way according to the West methodology. Duration is determined depending on the student's level and desire for learning.

Program of Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses:

  • Secret Eye Connections
  • Body Language
  • Attractive speaking methods
  • Substantiating Technology
  • Strategies leading to success
  • SNP (Skill Knowing Person) workshop program
  • Milton Ericson tracts


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