Law (all spheres)

Law (Civil Law and Criminal Law)


1. Civil rights legislation

2. Civil rights and duties, their protection

II Persons

3. Individuals

4. Legal entities

III Right of property

5. General Provisions

6. General provisions of civil rights

7. Business Law

8. Restriction of the right to property

9. Acquisition and loss of ownership

10. Special types of property rights

11. Property Use Right

12. Property Provision Right. Pledge and mortgage rights

IV Transaction

13. General conditions about transactions

14. Invalidity of transactions

15. Transaction agreements

16. Representation in transactions

V Durations

17. The calculation of the time period

18. Period of claim

VI General part of the Right of Obligation     

19. The general provisions about obligations

20. Contract Law

21. Fulfilment of obligations

22. Non-fulfilment of obligations

23. Responsibility for the fulfilment of obligations

24. Provision of fulfillment of obligations

25. The number of creditors or debtors in obligations

26. Authorization of obligations

27. Termination of the obligations

28. Implementation of civil rights

Special Section

VII. Obligations arising from agreements

29. Purchase and sale

30. Privilege right on acquisition and privileges

31. Replacement

32. Donation

33. Property rent

34. Lease

35. Franchising

36. Free  use

37. Debt

38. Leasing

39. Contract

40. Task

41. Brokerage

42. Trade Representative (agent)

43. Commercial concession

44. Commission

45. Storage

46. Transportation

47. Rendering of tourist services

48. Rent

49. Peace agreement and abstract agreement on the recognition of existing debt

50. Insurance

51. Bank deposits

52. Bank account

53. Accounts among the participants of the civil circulation

54. Securities

55. Announcement of special award opening. Competition

56. Gaming and betting

VIII. Obligations arising from law

57. To perform somebody else’s task without order

58. Unjustified enrichment

IX. Obligations arising from civil rights violations (delicts)

59. Civil rights violations (delicts)

60. Compensation for injury that harmed the life or health of a physical person

61. Compensation for damage caused by defective goods, works or services

X. The Right of Inheritance

62. The general provisions of the right of inheritance

63. Inheritance by law

64. Inheritance by testament

65. Testament form

66. Compulsory share of inheritance

67. Testamentary order (Legate)

68. The alteration or cancellation of a testament

69. Execution of the testament

70. Acceptance of inheritance and refusal to accept

71. Heritage Division

72. Secure of creditors by heirs

73. Heritage protection

74. Certificate of  the right of inheritance



I. Criminal law
1. Objectives and Principles of Criminal Law of the Azerbaijan Republic
2. Force of the criminal law
II. About crime
3. The conception of a crime and classification of crimes
4. Persons subject to criminal responsibility
5. Guilt
6. Incomplete crime
7. Participation in crime
8. Circumstances precluding criminality
III. About Punishment
9. The concept of punishment, purpose and types of punishment
10. Determination of the punishment
IV. Exemption from criminal responsibility and punishment
11. Exemption from criminal liability
12. Exemption from criminal punishment
13. Amnesty. Pardon. Imprisonment.
V. Criminal responsibility of minors
14. Features of criminal responsibility and punishment of juveniles
VI. Compulsory medical measures
15. Compulsory medical measures
                                                         Special Section
VII Crimes against peace and humanity
16. Crimes against peace and humanity
17. War crimes
VIII. Crimes against personality
18. Crimes against life and health
19. Crimes against freedom, honor and dignity of a personality
20. Crimes against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom of an individual
21. Crimes against the constitutional rights and freedoms of a person and citizen
22. Crimes against minors and family relations
IX. Economic crimes
23. Crimes against property
24. Crime in the ​​economic activity area
 X. Public safety and crimes against public order
25. Crimes against public safety
26. Crimes related to illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
27. Crimes against public decency
28. Environmental crimes
29. Crimes against traffic safety and rules of transport exploitation
30. Crimes in the computer information sphere
XI. Crimes against the state authority
31. Crimes against the constitutional order and state security
32. Crimes against justice
33. Crimes against the state authority, the interests of the public service and institutions of local government, and also against the service interests of other commercial and non-profit organizations
 34. Crimes against administration rules
XII. Crimes against military service
35. Crimes against military service

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