Speech Skills (Diction)

Speech Habits (Diction)

Attractive and impressive speech could be the beginning of your career!

You are not satisfied with your voice, are you? Do you face with difficulties when explaining your ideas?

Don’t you trust in yourself? Do you know that to achieve success in the business field depends on your speech habits? Do you want to learn the secrets about how to use gestures and expressions correctly to be more convincing?

Then please contact with us! You will get the perfect speaking power and substantial voice opportunities in the articulation courses that organized by us.

You will get great advantages at your workplace and in a relation with others in the future by using this method.

We have special trainings for those who want to be a radio or TV announcer and a correspondent.

Articulation courses- your undiscovered possibilities!


The training program "Oratory - Diction"

On our 24-hour training, we related to courses teach diction most necessary knowledge associated with the right, expressive and colorful speech and seek to implement it by means of practical exercises.

BREATH (3 hours):

BREATH - Our voice is formed with the help of our breath. The richer and more correct breathing, the stronger and better voice. With the help of exercises you will be able to get rid of improper breathing, has become a habit and you will breathe through the diaphragm. In addition to the serious effects on the voice, as a result of the perception of the saturated oxygen by breathing through the diaphragm, you can feel a big change for the better in the treatment of many diseases.

VOICE - (3 hours):

The voice is the image of man. People with a beautiful voice immediately attracted the attention of others; listen to their voice with even greater interest. People with weak, squeaky, hoarse or harsh voice may not achieve the desired result in spite of the choice of appropriate words. Using the aesthetics of voice you can seriously increase your success in communication.


Each sound (letter) comes out of the mouth received a definite form in the mouthparts. When used improperly, taking part in their formation of the tongue, lips and jaw appears the impression as if the word "fall" from the mouth of the speaker. For example, while they recite A and Y does not change the position of the lips. Through exercises mouthparts and surrounding muscles are active, the words will come out easily from the mouth. Your free speech will be immediately felt by you and others.

PHONETICS (3 hours):

As a student gently write one letter has beautiful handwriting, as correctly pronouncing each sound fluent speech. The sounds form words, words form our speech. After completion of the sounds begin exercises on syllables. Enrolled correct pronunciation of syllables, taking the stress in the word and make it alive. In addition, during the reading of the text by choosing exercises and word with the wrong accent would work to fix them.


Everyone wants to achieve when dealing result generally produces a good impression, to convince, to be able to influence, to be able to achieve the desired. At this time, you must not use voice tone, word choice, tone, entered into a habit, and more expressive speech. During the sessions, the participants write texts on various topics. Then the text is announced and you work until achievement the most expressive form.


This lesson made prepared conversational exercises based on trained dramatic exercises, diction, phonetics, voice, breathing, articulation. Using the camera, or the throne, carried out exercises such as individual approach and accordingly need to have an existing participant speech defect.


In the tutorial explains the types and structure of presentations and training habits. Participants come prepared with a theme of their choice. Performances are held in front of the camera to the audience appeal. The trainer  remains in the position of observation. After the presentations initiate discussions. Through exercises you will be able to easily and without emotion to speak, to enchant people with his speech on any available to the larger, meeting.


In communicating body language it has 60% -s influence. During a call, our facial expressions and gestures must support our words, to make it more expressive. Even while we speak, our body language conveys a message sure. Language can lie, but the body language does not know how. This set of movements, manifested in involuntary form. Through classes it is studying the effective using of body language and language learning the secrets of the body language of people around us.



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