HR (Human Recourses)

HR (Human Recourses)

STIMUL Education & Consulting provides you with the trainings on Human Recourses.

Training program is the followings:


  • Introduction to training on HR
  • The History of  HR
  • The main tasks of  HR manager
  • Labour law and personnel paperwork. Law aspects of the HR specialist’s activity.
  • The system of labour law. Labour law relations. Personnel records.
  • Schedule of work staff.  Rules on drafting and introduction of changes.
  • The place of  a contract in labour law. The main differences of the labour contract and civil law contract and the rules of their use.         
  • Rules of the conclusion of a contract and amendments to it.
  • Rules of moving to another position. The main features of the documentation
  • Rules of work time application and registration.
  • Leisure time, the concept and types of holidays.
  • Financial obligations of the parties on the basis of the employment contract
  • Features of the settlement of different categories of employees
  • Recruitment, staff selection and adaptation to work
  • Traditional and non-traditional methods of recruitment
  • The choice of methods (interviews, survey items, biographical profile). Tasks for evaluation
  • Psychological tests and test exams
  • Legal aspects of the recruitment and selection to work

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