PR (Public Relations)

PR (Public Ralations)

Do you want to attend a training course in order to establish mutual understanding, trust and sympathy in the surrounding community?


Training Program on Public Relations

Part 1

Modern world public relations (PR)

  • What does PR stand for, what is it?
  • Concept to PR, approaches towards it
  • General objectives of PR
  • History of PR
  • The importance of Public Relations:
  1. On the Employers part
  2. On the Employee's part
  • Benefits of PR
  • Factors that affect PR:
  1. Internal factors;
  2. External factors
  • Factors that shouldn’t be involved in PR

Free task

Part 2

PR and similar concepts

  • PR and Presentation
  • PR and Man
  • PR and Advertising
  • PR and Propaganda
  • PR and Lobby
  • PR and Social Responsibility
  • PR and Crisis
  1. The causes of the crisis;
  2. Stages of the Crisis;
  3. Crisis Management;
  4. Crisis Plan

Free task

Part 3
The activities of Public Relations

  • PR and Communication:
  1. Duration of Communication;
  2. Communication Forms;
  3. The cases which can be a problem for communication;
  4. Presentations;


  • PR and Press
  • Exhibition
  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Meetings

Free task

Part 4
  How to start a PR activity

  • The events occurred in practice



In order to register send your information containing your name, surname, date of birth, education, training name and date to You can also register just by calling us.

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