We offer trainings in different spheres of marketing in Azerbaijani, Russian and English:

  Marketing and sales mastery

  • Where marketing begins?
  • The company's marketing strategy
  • Market Analysis - SWOT Analysis
  • Trade policy and trade marks (branding)
  • Price policy
  • "Your Majesty Client"
  • Customer behavior, social and psychological factors
  • Advertising - creative and efficient
  • Internet marketing
  • Final goal -  sale and the successful seller


Marketing program

1. The process of marketing research
2. Complex study of commodity markets. Monitoring
3. Analysis of the supply-side capacity of the company and the formulation of development strategies. Analysis of market segments
4. Information provision of marketing research. Situational tasks.
5. The marketing mix. SWOT analysis. PESTEL
6. Trade policy
7. Communication policy. Competitor analysis
8. Merchandising / Pricing

Services Marketing - training program

  • Introduction to Services Marketing
  • Conceptual framework of the Book: The Gaps Model of Service Quality (Guest Lecturers: Erwan Delbarre, Maria Cristina Mihai)
  • Service Recovery
  • Consumer Behavior in Services
  • Customer Expectations of Service
  • Customer Perceptions of Service
  • Listening to Customers through Research (Guidelines for Case Write)
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Service Innovation and Design
  • Customer-Defined Service Standards
  • Physical Evidence and Servicecape
  • Employee’s Roles in Service Delivery
  • Customer’s Roles in Service Delivery
  • Case Presentation by Students
  • Delivering Service through intermediaries and Electronic Channels
  • Final exam

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