Computer Courses
Course Name Time of duration Weekly lesson Price/AZN Group memberships
Month Hour Lesson Single Group Number
Adobe After Effect 22432501502-4
Adobe Audition22432501502-4
Adobe Flash / Actionscript22432201102-4
Adobe IIıustrator22432501102-5
Adobe InDesign22432501102-4
Adobe Premiere22432001102-5
3D Max2243170952-3
Auto Cad 2243150902-3
Corel Draw224390602-4
IT (Information Technology) - standard package11032001102 - 4
Java Script11232001102-4
MS Office programs336380502-4
PHP / MySQL33632501502-4
Solaris Advanced232416505005 - 6
Solaris Fundamentals232416505005 - 6
Web Design33632001102-4
Cisco IP telephony networks, part I v.6.0240511006003-6
Oracle database 11g: Administration Fundamentals I11235502003-4
Oracle database 11g: Administration Fundamentals II11235502003-4
Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I11235502003-4
Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II11235502003-4
Oracle SQL Fundamentals11235502003-4
Fundamentals of Java Programming23248003003 - 6
Java Programming12058003003 - 6
Installing and Configuaring Windows Server 201211646503003-6
Configuaring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services11646503003-6
Basics of Red Hat Linux11236003503-6
Adobe Photoshop218390602-4
Basics of Oracle PL/SQL22435502003 - 4
Lira (beginner level)33635002503 - 5
Lira (basic level)33637003503 - 5
Lira (professional)336316008003 - 5
CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security116411004504-7
Core Java11648003003-6
Cisco IP telephony networks, part II v.6.0240511006003-6
Deploying CISCO ASA Firewall Solutions (Firewall v1.0)240511006003-6
Red Hat Linux System Administration22436003503-6
Java Web Programing11647003003 - 6
Implementing CISCO IP Routing240511006003-6
Implementing CISCO Switched Networks240511006003-6
Troubleshooting and Maintaining CISCO IP Networks240511006003-6
Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft ASP.NET. parts I and II11236003503-6
Microsoft Programming with Microsoft.NET Framework (Microsoft Visual C# .NET)11236003503-6
Developing Microsoft..NET Applications for Windows (Visual C# .NET)11236003503-6
C# Programming with Microsoft .NET22436003503-6
Advanced Oracle SQL11646503003-5
Java Web Proqramming - Grooy on Grails23248003003-6
IT courses (Information Technology) - professional package33032001102 - 5
Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL11236503502-4
Oracle 11g: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration Accelerated Release 211237004003-4
CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)34844502003 - 5
CISCO Catalyst 6500 advanced Switched Networks (CACSN)240511006003-6
CISCO ACA ilə VPN-nin həyata keçirilməsi240511006003-6
Java Web Security: hücumlar və onların qarşısının alınması metodları116411004003 - 6
Administering Windows Server 201211646503003 - 5
AutoCad (construction projects)22432501302-3
MS Excel (professional)22432501103-5