SEMINAR: “Personnel Accounting (HR) and General Management”

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SEMINAR: “Personnel Accounting (HR) and General Management”

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites to seminar those who want to work in the Future HR Department and those who aim to further improve their HR experience, as well as HR-Human Resources and General Management, who wish to learn about elimination and effective management of problems in General Management.

Date & Time: 21.01.2018, 11:00

The choice of staff, the motivation and the effective management of the workforce which is necessary for the successful development and development of each business appear to be very crucial.

Trainer: Sevinj Garakishiyeva (HR Manager / HR Consultant in Oil Structures)

Mrs. Sevinj has more than 12 years of experience in HR management, currently works as HR Manager in Oil Structures, and provides HR consulting services to several companies.She is also a sertified staff organasing audit (ISO certified).

Trainer: Vidadi Bakhishov (Head of Local and International Projects)

Vidadi Bakhishov graduated from the Azerbaijan State University in 1985.He has been a member of International Conferences and Rapporteur on Management - Management in Foreign Countries such as Russia, Germany, Finland and others. He is one of the founders of the new management system established in Azerbaijan since 1996. Mr Bakhishov has professional experience in developing new management software programs for media, banking, manufacturing, service, finance and other companies.

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