50% SUMMER DISCOUNTS started on our courses

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50% SUMMER DISCOUNTS started on our courses

Just as in the past 8 years, at the 9th summer season of this year STIMUL Education & Consulting announces unbelievable summer discounts on the most popular courses that can be beneficial for everyone .

24 hour learning of English language for a month - 43AZN, for a month 16 hour learning of Russian language - 35AZN, for a month training of Pre-IELTS, Pre-TOEFL, IELTS, TOEFL - 65AZN, for a month training of GRE, GMAT, SAT now you will pay only 70AZN. Classes will be conducted in a group with 6-7 people.


50% summer discounts available for the following courses:


  1. General English, English for kids, Qualified English
  2. Azerbaijani (for foreigners), Azerbaijani (for Russian)
  3. Russian (for Azerbaijanians), Russian (for foreigners)
  4. German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Georgian, Polish
  6. The monthly payment for the teaching of professional Graphic design programs is not 120 AZN, now 60AZN
  7. Fee for a month of MC Office programs is now 30AZN, not 60AZN
  8. Fee for Java Programming language is now 150 AZN, not 300 AZN


35% summer discounts available for the following courses:


  1. A monthly payment for 3D Max, Auto Cad courses is not 105AZN, just 70AZN.
  2. A monthly charge of Web Design courses (HTML, (CSS, Java Script, PHP, MySQL)) is not 120AZN, just 78AZN.
  3. A monthly payment for qualification courses (PR, HR, Marketing, Management) is not 250AZN, just 165AZN.
  4. You will not pay 450AZN for monthly training courses for CISCO CCNA, just 295AZN.
  5. Now for ACCA F3 courses a monthly charge is not 150AZN, just 100AZN. Term duration of the course - 3 months.
  6. You will not pay 200AZN for ORACLE courses, just 130AZN.
  7. You will not pay 300AZN for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 courses, just 195AZN.
  8. A monthly payment for the Banking course will not be 150AZN, just 100 AZN.


Classes will be conducted in a group of 4-6 people.


Registration for the discount campaign will last from June 1 to August 31


NOTE: If you join our campaign groups, the fee will be same if the group members are the same. In case a change of the number of people in groups, the discount will be relinquished.


SPECIAL NOTE: Our discount are not supposed to be taken by single learners and a group of 2.


If you want to register you should note your name, surname, contact numbers, name of the course in which you wish to participate and also days and time, send it to our e-mail office@stimul.az or contact to us.


To register and contact us with:

Baku city, Yasamal district, Jafar Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza,

corps 3, Floor 10, near the metro Nizami

Phone: (+994 12) 497 75 37/39

Mobile: (+994 50) 661 17 January

Mobile: (+994 55) 528 35 45

Mobile: (+994 70) 297 75 37

WhatsApp: (+994 55) 779 75 17

E-mail: office@stimul.az

Web: www.stimul.az



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