Training: "HR-Master and Profiling system"

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Training: "HR-Master and Profiling system"

STIMUL Education and Consulting presents “HR-Master and Profiling system”. Now you will be able to analyse candidate’s profile in terms of recruitment without any difficulties via this “Profiling system”.


Duration of course: 10:00-17:00 (one-day course)

Date of course: 25th Aprel 2017

Course fee: 100AZN


Trainer: Tabriz Hajiyev


Initiative advisor of the first Operativ Pshycodiagnostics and FACS (facial action coding system) projects in Azerbaijan, Business instructor; expert in detecting lies.


Programme of course:

  • Notion of “Profiling” and its significance in choosing candidates.
  • The system of interview; technique of triangle.
  • Basics of detecting lies: Form or phenomenon of  lie. Profiling rules.
  • Psychophysiology. Vegetative neurosystem. Adaptation and stress. Main reactions of organism to stress.
  • Psycholinguistics. Analyses of human speech.
  • Faith and process of faith formation. Psychological protection mechanism of human. Work with faith and discovering human potential.
  • Practical lesson for identification of human pshycotype.
  • Main factors of recruitment. Evaluating of the validity of the information.
  • Language of jestures. Their meanings.
  • Work with emotions. FACS (facial action coding system)
  • Establishing of profile. Questionnaire. Models of interview.
  • Motivation. Adaptation. Evaluating of personnel. Safety of the company personnel.


For registration and further information:


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