Courses of Solfege and Harmony subjects of music theory

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Courses of Solfege and Harmony subjects of music theory

STIMUL is keeping on organising courses of Solfege and Harmony subjects of music theory.

Solfege is a subject that includes a purpose for impoving of hearing and feeling skills and icreasing an experience of reading music.

Harmony is a part of a music theory which explains arrangig of chords and mutual connection of them during a general impovement of music.

Music is a marvelous strength that doesn’t have translation affects the human psychology positive, conquer the hearts of people. Scientists have proved that the influence of music to man more than we can imagine.

Classes are intended for the graduates who are preparing for institutions of higher education and pupils of music schools. At our center a perfect process of teaching solfeggio and harmony subjects exist which is run according to a special program by using of unique and different lesson materials. All topics of music theory are taught systematicly. Teaching is performed in Azeri and Russian. Lessons are taught by teachers of higher education institutions, docents, candidates of study of art and composers. Mainly classes are organized as an-hour-classes twice a week, invidually and 5-9 people groups.


To register and contact us with:

Address: Baku city, Yasamal district, Jafar Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza, corps 3, Floor 10, near the metro Nizami

Phone: (+994 12) 497 75 37/39

Mobile: (+994 50) 661 01 17

Mobile: (+994 55) 528 35 45

Mobile: (+994 70) 297 75 37

WhatsApp: (+994 55) 779 75 17



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