Graduate degree with a full scholarship to the United States of America

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Graduate degree with a full scholarship to the United States of America

STİMUL invites everyone to get an education on master's and doctoral degrees in James Madison University, one of the most influential universities in the United States of America participate in the program full scholarship. James Madison University is located in the magnificent Shenandoah Valley. The University was established in 1908 in the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and is one of the US's leading public universities. It is the second best public university in the south of America. The university has undergraduate specialties, 72 bachelor, 34 master and 8 doctoral degrees. James Madison University carries out enrollment for the program with full and partial scholarships for master's and doctoral studies.                                                  

For admission to James Madison University on the desired result IELTS score should be at least 7.0, but being STİMUL-th we are entitled to receiving a 6.0 və 6.5 score. That is, if İELTS score 6.5. and 6.0, depending on the student's experience, he has a chance for admission. We also offer a student with a full scholarship program (based on the student's knowledge and abilities). Speaking of a full scholarship, the university takes care of all the annual tuition fee, and each month the student is payed about $ 800.


Terms of admission to master's and doctoral studies:


  • Application (The application form will be filled online)
  • $55 Application fee (if it is not paid for the statement that the application process will be suspended)
  • Minimum TOEFL requirement: 88 internet-based
  • Minimum IELTS requirement: 7.0
  • Minimum GRE requirement: 25th percentile in all areas
  • Minimum GMAT requirement: 500
  • Transcripts (Bakalavr qiymətləri)
  • Credential evaluation (Bachelor Prices must necessarily conform to the American system!)
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS score
  • Official GMAT or GRE score (GMAT is a must for business subjects)


Duration of education


  • The duration of study for master's - 2 years
  • Duration of training for doctoral studies - 4 years.


Scholarship Opportunities


The University provides versatile possibilities of scholarships. These include:


  • Full scholarship (tuition fees of the University student pays monthly)
  • A half scholarship (University pays only tuition)
  • A half scholarship (University pays only for Accommodation)
  • Scholarship with a certain percentage (University pays a certain percentage of training)


Tuition fees


  • Tuition fee is for each credit
  • 1 credit hour - $ 1,179
  • One thing - normally 3 credits
  • Each student in each semester must take 9 credits
  • The reason for a detailed description of the tuition is in the variety of programs loans
  • Approximate tuition - $ 42,000 (for 2 years)


* The scholarship may concern only the students with the highest grades and scored top marks on Require exams!


Programme for master's and doctoral submitted for admission:


Art and Music:

  • Studio Art –MFA
  • Studio Art-MA
  • Music- MM
  • Music – DMA (doktorluq dərəcəsi)



  • Business-MBA
  • Kinesiology – MS (Concentration Sport and Recreation Leadership)
  • Strategic Leadership - PhD


Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Communication and Advocacy-MA
  • History-MA
  • Political Science MA
  • Public Administration-MPA



  • Adult Education and Human Resource Development-MS.Ed
  • Early Childhood Education- MAT
  • Equity & Cultural Diversity- MEd
  • Exceptional Education – MEd/MAT


Health and Behavioral Studies

  • Occupational Therapy- MOT
  • Psychology


Science, Technology and Mathematics:

  • Computer Science - MS


For registration and contact us:


Address: Baku city, Yasamal district, Caspian Plaza, 3rd corps, 10th floor, near the metro Nizami

Telephone: (+994 12) 497 07 35

Telephone: (+994 12) 497 75 37 / 39

Mobile: (+994 50) 661 01 17

Mobile: (+994 55) 528 35 45

Mobile: (+994 70) 297 75 37

WhatsApp: (+994 55) 779 75 17



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