Online Test


1.)When I came into cottage, ______ family _______ sitting round the table playing draughts. Draughts ___ their favorite game. They like to play _______ in the evening.

A) the Holley's, were, are, it
B) Holleys, was, are, them
C) the Holleys', were, is, it
D) Holleys's, was, is, them

2.)When he was going through a narrow passage between two____ , he heard ______, These were his neighbors, two____ girls.

A) merrys-go-round, laugh, twenty-years old
B) merry-go-rounds, a laugh, twenty-year old
C) merry-goes-round, laughter, twenty-years old
D) merry-goes-rounds, a laughter, twenty-year old

3.)This _____ the most effective means of production and ____ can be adjusted to your business in ___ time.

A) is, it, two month's
B) are, they, a two-months
C) is, they, two-month
D) is, it, two months'

4.)By ____ late 18th century and ___ Captain Cook's exploration of ____ southern Pacific, much of ___ world had been mapped.

A) the, the, the, the
B) , , the
C) the, , the, the
D) the, , ,

5.)One of the reasons why so_______people are to be found who seem sensible and pleasant in conversation is that almost_______is thinking about what he wants to say______rather than about answering clearly what is being said to him.

A) few, everybody, himself
B) a few, anybody,
C) little, nobody, himself
D) many, everyone, themselves

6.)It refers to the ways ancient Greeks spoke, worshipped, understood the nature of the physical world , or¬ganized their governments, made ____livings, enter¬ tainted ___ , and related to____ who were not Greek.

A) themselves, them, themselves, the others
B) itself, their, itself, others
C) itself, their, themselves, others
D) themselves, , themselves, the other

7.)One of _____ games is chess, which originated in India or probably China. It is a game of ____ tradition and is ____ popular.

A) old, the oldest, international
B) the most ancient, old, internationally
C) the more ancient, older, internationally
D) ancient, the oldest, the most international

8.)You know still waters run _______ , but _______ I get to know him, _____ embarrassed I feel. I would like to have _______ information because I don't know what his ______ move is going to be.

A) deeply, the better, the more, farther, next
B) deep, better, more, further, nearest
C) deeper, the best, the most, farther, near
D) deep, the better, the more, further, next

9.)A man who _______ in the compartment said that the place ______ by a passenger who _____ out to the diner.

A) was sitting, is taken, went
B) sat, had been taken, has gone
C) was sitting, was taken, had gone
D) had been sitting, had taken, went

10.)I cannot make up my mind if I______ them till I______ when they _______.

A) join, will find out, leave
B) will join, find out, will be leaving
C) will join, will find out, are leaving
D) would join, would find out, will leave

11.)It's because of Tom that we ______ late. We______on an earlier train.

A) could have been, should agree
B) would be, can't agree
C) may be, ought to have agreed
D) must be, can't have agreed

12.)Granny evidently_____us, that's why we_____knock loudly before she opened the door.

A) did not hear, had to
B) must not have heard, must
C) may not hear, were to
D) might not have heard, should

13.)I felt sorry for Jane. If anybody _____ such a thing to me, I ______hurt.

A) would say, felt
B) said, would feel
C) had said, would feel
D) will say, will feel

14.)The orders are that three of you _____ here, the rest____to the city centre.

A) will stay, will go
B) should stay, should go
C) would stay, would go
D) stay, to go

15.)Consumption of natural resources_____ dramaticallyevery year as the human population increases and standards of living______.

A) arises, raise
B) arouses, rise
C) rises, rise
D) raise, raise

16.)It ____ great stress on the heart, and in an older per¬ son or someone with hypertension or a heart condition, it can____more harm than good.

A) places, make
B) puts, do
C) lays, make
D) influences, do

17.)The number of golfers in the United States_____from 17.5 million in 1985 to 24.8 million in 1992.

A) rose
B) raised
C) aroused
D) lifted

18.)Although novels with scientific underpinnings had been written before, Verne______the technique of scientific verisimilitude to a fine art.

A) rose
B) raised
C) arouse
D) lifted

19.)He feels he ____ responsible. He has never got ____ well with his ____ relatives.

A) may have been, on, daughter-in-law's
B) must be, along, daughter's-in-law
C) might have been, ___, daughter-in-law's
D) can't have been, on, daughter's-in-law

20.)He was used to _____ because he was a good storyteller and used to ____ tales about animals.

A) being heard, telling
B) be heard, tell
C) being listened to, make up
D) be listened to, making up

21.)She came _______ the hairdressers looking very different.

A) out of
B) out
C) from out
D) off

22.)Can you put him _____ for the night?

A) off
B) in
C) up
D) at

23.)Push the door ______ and we will talk privately.

A) to
B) in
C) from
D) up

24.)Open the book _____ page 23.

A) to
B) by
C) from
D) at

25.)He put it on the table and covered it ______ a cloth.

A) with
B) on
C) up
D) at

26.)I was ______ the road to Eastbourne at the time.

A) at
B) on
C) in
D) by

27.)You can rely _____ me to do it.

A) by
B) on
C) to
D) with

28.)He sat unhappily ______ the corner.

A) on
B) at
C) in
D) to

29.)He has asked me to sit _____ the committee.

A) for
B) from
C) on
D) by

30.)I will do it ______ the weekend.

A) over
B) on
C) from
D) for

31.)To produce an effect on; to influence?

A) always
B) independent
C) sink
D) affect

32.)To send information or music by radio or television?

A) broadcast
B) settle
C) depression
D) arrive

33.)To free; to permit to go?

A) alive
B) present
C) release
D) escape

34.)To end (a dispute); to agree about (problem)?

A) survive
B) space
C) settle
D) establish

35.)What does “throw” mean?

A) the system of sending and receiving signals through the air without wires
B) to cause to go through the air by movement of the arm
C) to live
D) a small part of an atom that an electrical force

36.)What does “shell” mean?

A) that which is known; learning or understanding
B) to fire artillery
C) to make one unhappy; to give enjoyment
D) moving or working at great speed; quick

37.)They saw ______ of snow falling slowly to the ground.

A) blocks
B) piles
C) flakes
D) floods

38.)It is only ______ so I will not take an umbrella.

A) pouring
B) hailing
C) sleeting
D) drizzling

39.) I am going to ask my bank manager for a ______ .

A) lend
B) borrow
C) loan
D) finance

40.)It has taken me a long time to ______ after the accident.

A) discover
B) come across
C) get over
D) call off


   Christmas is only a few days away and the two children in the Robinson family feel very excited and are impatient for it. Their mother has baked them a very large and delicious Christmas cake. She has shown them how to make colorful ornaments for their Christmas tree. Tomorrow she will take them out shopping in the High Street as she is planning to purchase new clothes for them to wear on Christmas Day. Mr. Robinson gave Tommy and Irena some money last week so that they could buy themselves lots of balloons and streamers to decorate their house.

41.) We understand from the passage that

A) Christmas doesn't mean much to the children
B) the family is not happy with Christmas
C) children are looking forward to Christmas
D) they always do the same arrangements for the New Year

42.)Children learnt how to.

A) do shopping
B) make decorations
C) buy new clothes
D) make a cake

43.) It is obvious in the passage that.

A) she hasn't bought clothes for the children yet
B) the shopping for the Christmas has finished
C) the following day is the New Year
D) children spent all their money on cake

Because words can break silence, and thus remove tension, we often draw on them for this reason and not mainly for what they mean. When two people are introduced, one says, "How do you do?" Now this is not really a question, despite its apparent meaning, and the other person will reply not, 'Very well thank you,1 but 'How do you do?' This is the conversational formula. The purpose of the phrase 'How do you do?' is not to communicate meaning but to break the tension which would result from silence.

44.)Words are mainly used for .....................

A) their meanings.
B) eliminating anxiety
C) building up tension.
D) creating silence.

45.)In terms of meaning "How do you do?" is..

A) not replied "How do you do"
B) not a question.
C) replied "Very well thank you'
D) a question.

46.)What is important "How do you do? " is its

A) breaking silence.
B) meaning.
C) not being conversational.
D) answering.

A group of men were requested to put their hands into a bowl of icy water and then tell a researcher how much it hurt. Half of them reported back to a man, the other half to an attractive woman. Those who talked to the woman asserted that they suffered significantly less pain than the others. When women were asked to do the same, they reported a similar level of pain whether they were talking to a man or a woman. There was not a discrepancy between the statements they made to a man and a woman.

47.) From the passage we understand that when the men talked to the attractive woman...............

A) they said they didn't feel much pain.
B) the pain didn't affect them at all.
C) two of them lied about the pain.
D) the woman claimed to suffer significantly.

48.) It's obvious in the passage that the women reported the same level of pain...............

A) only to the men.
B) they said they didn't feel the pain.
C) even if they weren't asked.
D) whomever they talked to.

Norah had a cottage on a cliff above a big bay. In winter it could be very nasty because of strong winds and sea spray. In fact, when a gale was blowing, Norah and her husband got used to sleeping in a small room downstairs, because their bedroom upstairs, which faced the gales, had a very big window, and they were afraid that an extra violent gust might break it and blow pieces of broken glass over them. Also, the salt spray from the sea put an end to many of the colorful plants Norah planted in her garden.

49.) The flowers in Norah's garden........................

A) attract everybody's attention.
B) need looking after carefully.
C) should be watered every week.
D) are badly affected by the salt spray.

50.)They sleep in the room downstairs because ....

A) it is larger than the one upstairs
B) the strong wind may break the windows upstairs
C) it has a stove which warms very well
D) it has many large windows