Online Test


1.)How long have you been living in Madrid?

A) for 5 years
B) since 5 years
C) 5 years ago
D) in 5 years

2.)Did you have lunch at home yesterday?

A) No, I haven't
B) No, I hadn't
C) No, I don't
D) No, I didn't

3.)Where do you live?

A) At 45 Green Street, London
B) On 45 Green Street, London
C) In 45 Green Street, London
D) From 45 Green Street, London

4.)- No, I'm sorry. I haven't got any change.

A) Do you can change this $5 note?
B) Have you change for this $5 note?
C) Do you have got change for this $5 note?
D) Have you got change for this $5 note?

5.)- Buy a big house

A) What would you do if you win the lottery?
B) What do you do if you win the lottery?
C) What will you do if you won the lottery?
D) What would you do if you won the lottery?

6.)- Yes, I have

A) Do you have lobster for dinner?
B) Have you ever had lobster for dinner?
C) Have you lobster for dinner?
D) Did you have got lobster for dinner?

7.)Why is Albert the only person who got a promotion?
“Because he is ______ one in the office.”

A) best
B) a best
C) the best
D) the best of

8.)“I think the store sent us the wrong packages.”
“It’s likely. They _____ that many times before”

A) are doing
B) do
C) have done
D) done

9.)”Can you do it by yourself?
“I would like John____ me?

A) helps
B) help
C) doing help
D) to help

10.)_______ play a musical instrument?

A) Do you can
B) Can you
C) Do you able to
D) Can you to

11.)Gina ______ understand the speaker at the lecture last last night.

A) Couldn’t
B) might not
C) is not able to
D) can’t

12.)I can’t reach the eraser on my friend’s desk. My arms aren’t ______

A) long enough
B) too long
C) enough long
D) too much long

13.)Jack introduced me to one _____

A) friends
B) of his friend
C) of his friends
D) his friends

14.)I had some ______ soup for lunch.

A) vegetable good
B) good vegetable
C) vegetables good
D) good vegetables

15.)Choose the antonym of the underlined word.
He can’t differ his friends from his….

A) neighbors
B) cousins
C) enemies
D) employers

16.) Choose the synonym of the underlined word.
The letter was dispatched in time.

A) discussed
B) written
C) taken
D) sent

17.)Alex and David had rooms in the …. house. Two …. friends had rooms there too.

A) each, another
B) same, other
C) other, same
D) both, that

18.)The teacher wrote the alphabet …. big letters…. the blackboard.

A) with, at
B) in, on
C) at, on
D) at, in

19.)Sitting …. the fire he looked… some papers.

A) near, round
B) to, at
C) by, through
D) over, for

20.)Choose the correct question to the underlined part of sentence.
I saw a lot of nice furniture at the exhibition yesterday.

A) How much furniture did I see at the exhibition yesterday?
B) How many furniture did I see at the exhibition yesterday?
C) How much furniture I saw at the exhibition yesterday?
D) How much furniture did I saw at the exhibition yesterday?

21.)Choose the correct translation.
Şirkət öz fəaliyyətini genişləndirməyi planlaşdırır.

A) The company plans to exchange it’s activity
B) The company plans extend it’s activity
C) The company plans to exchange its activity
D) The company plans to extend its activity

22.)This sort of work demands great patience.

A) Bu cür iş üçün böyük səbir lazımdır.
B) Belə iş xeyli səbir tələb edir.
C) Bu cür iş böyük səbir tələb edir.
D) Belə işlər böyük səbir tələb edir.

    Decide if these sentences are correct or incorrect

23.)Brighton is in the coast of England

A) Correct
B) incorrect

24.)How much it costs?

A) Correct
B) incorrect

25.)My uncle born in Liverpool

A) Correct
B) incorrect

26.)Betty's father has got greens eyes?

A) Correct
B) incorrect

27.)There aren't enough parkings in Birmingham?

A) Correct
B) incorrect

28.)Do they smoke at work?

A) Correct
B) incorrect

Put these sentences in the correct order.
Example: He football playing likes.
He likes playing football

29.)you have had holiday yet a?

A) Have you had a holiday yet?
B) Have you had a yet holiday?
C) Have you had yet a holiday?
D) Have had you yet a holiday?

30.)20 it to get takes minutes to work

A) It takes 20 minutes to get to work
B) It 20 takes minutes to get to work
C) It 20 takes to get to work minutes
D) It 20 takes to work to get minutes

31.)suitcases how carrying many he was?

A) How many suitcases he was carrying?
B) How many suitcases was he carrying?
C) How many he carrying suitcases was ?
D) How many suitcases was he carrying?

32.)so late she should go not to bed

A) She go to bed so late shouldn`t.
B) She go bed to shouldn`t late so.
C) Shouldn`t she go to bed so late.
D) She shouldn`t go to bed so late.

33.)he got quite has few friends a

A) He has got a few friends quite
B) He has got quite friends a few
C) He has got quite a few friends
D) He has a few friends got quite

Write the question for these statements:
Example: We live in Madrid
Where do you live

34.)This is my book
Whose ...

A) ... this is book?
B) ... is this book ?
C) ... book this is ?
D) ... book is this?

35.)We met him yesterday
When ...

A) . . . we did meet him?
B) . . . did we meet him?
C) . . . did we him meet ?
D) . . . meet did we him?

36.) She's broken her leg

A) How has she broken her leg?
B) How has she broken leg her?
C) How has she leg broken her?
D) How broken has she her leg?

Change these sentences from positive to negative:
Example: I like milk
I don't like milk

37.) I've already been to the bank

A) I haven`t been bank to the yet
B) I haven`t been to bank yet the
C) I haven`t been the bank yet to
D) I haven`t been to the bank yet

38.) I need some money

A) I needn`t some money
B) I some needn`t money
C) I some money needn`t
D) I money needn`t some

39.) I had lunch at 2 o'clock

A) I didn`t have lunch 2 o`clock at
B) I didn`t have lunch at 2 o`clock
C) I didn`t have lunch at o`clock 2
D) I didn`t have at 2 o`clock lunch

40.) He likes going to work

A) He doesn`t like to work going.
B) He like doesn`t going to work.
C) He going doesn`t like to work.
D) He doesn`t like going to work.