Online Test


1.)_______ to Turkey every year for your holidays.

A) are you going
B) were you going
C) have you gone
D) do you go

2.)When the race starts later this afternoon the drives ______ for drier weather than last year.

A) were hoping
B) are hoping
C) hope
D) will be hoping

3.)I always associate ________ .

A) pizza
B) pizza by Italy
C) Italian pizza
D) pizza with Italy

4.)The government has introduced ________ .

A) a children's clothes tax
B) a tax on children clothes
C) a children clothes tax
D) a tax on children's clothes

5.)The teacher didn't know _______ .

A) which noun clauses teach
B) which noun clauses to teach
C) why noun clauses to teach
D) when noun clauses to teach

6.)I think Jane deserved to be fired for her __________ .

A) totally behavior irresponsible
B) behavior totally irresponsible
C) irresponsible totally behavior
D) totally irresponsible behavior

7.)_______ appeared to be coming from the science lab next door.

A) The pungent unpleasant odor of burning plastic
B) The unpleasant pungent odor of burning plastic
C) The pungent unpleasant odor of plastic burning
D) The unpleasant odor pungent of burning plastic

8.)The archaeologists were astonished to find such _______ at that particular site.

A) an incredibly rare beautiful artifact
B) a rare incredibly beautiful artifact
C) a beautiful artifact incredibly rare
D) an incredibly beautiful rare artifact

9.)If I had known how difficult the job was, I _________ it.

A) won't have taken
B) wouldn’t have taken
C) won't take it
D) will have taken

10.)A top US disease expert said this week that killer virus "Bird Flu" was the world’s number one health threat and should _______ .

A) be took serious
B) be taken seriously
C) be taken serious
D) be took seriously

11.) It was discovered in the late 18th century that people who had cowpox were unavailable to smallpox.

A) liable
B) immune
C) prone
D) repulsed

12.)Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of the scarlet Letter, was linked by the birth to one of the presiding judges in the Salem witch trials.

A) cuffed
B) unnecessary
C) related
D) friendly

13.)Wharton discovered that she had astute judgment regarding furnishings and, with her designer, published a popular book on interior design.

A) profitable
B) sagacious
C) expensive
D) forceful

14.)Shortly after this period of production, its popularity eroded.

A) recovered
B) shifted
C) intensified
D) deteriorated

15.)Despite the preconception to the country, the family is quite influential for adolescents.

A) feasible
B) fallacy
C) bias
D) possible

16.)If the universe is unbound, there is little possibility that its expansion will halt.

A) continue
B) stop
C) expand
D) intensify

17.)The caliber of any labor force depends on education and training, physique, and health.

A) volume
B) vast
C) quality
D) wanton

18.)Its culture exemplifies this Chinese heritage, coupled with various diverse cultural influences.

A) legitimate
B) gratifying
C) display
D) symbolize

19.)Nevertheless, this curious fact significantly underestimates the importance of air freight.

A) understands
B) assesses
C) highlights
D) miscalculates

20.)The colossal Statue of Liberty is situated in New York harbor on a small island park near Ellis Island.

A) visited
B) exhibited
C) isolated
D) located

21.)Children with this disease suffer severe growth retardation, vulnerability to illness, swelling of the abdomen with water, and marked apathy.

A) disinterest.
B) hyperactivity.
C) concern.
D) regard.

22.)Kwashiorkor patients lose so much responsiveness to events around them that the treated youngster who eventually smiles is considered to be on the road to recovery.

A) renewal.
B) improvement.
C) retrieval.
D) restoration.

23.)There is an explanation of photosynthesis _____ Chapter 11.

A) at
B) in
C) on
D) to

24.)Billy, where have you been? You're covered _____ mud!

A) on
B) with
C) for
D) to

25.)The professor made several comments _____ my ideas.

A) in
B) on
C) about
D) to

26.)The search _____ the source of the Nile took many years.

A) for
B) from
C) over
D) on

27.) I'm not familiar _____ fashion trends in Japan.

A) by
B) to
C) with
D) of

28.)Dr. Taylor is leaving _____ of the semester.

A) at the end
B) for the end
C) in the end
D) to the end

29.)If a car pulls _____, it has a problem with the engine.

A) out
B) off
C) by
D) down

30.)He got angry when they started to ____ his private life.

A) ask after
B) ask about
C) force about
D) force after

31.) I am dead _____ cold. I must wear something.

A) with
B) of
C) from
D) by

32.) He passed a thread ______ the eye of a needle.

A) From
B) Off
C) Through
D) in

   Questions 33 to 40 refer to the following passage:

   In the late 1980s, the American Speech-Language-Association estimated that about five percent of the population of the United States suffered from some form of speech or language disorder. It is believed that the incidence of speech disorders follows similar patterns among other Western nations. Speech problem develop from a variety of causes. These may include physical injury or abnormality, disease, or emotional or psychological problems.
   Speech-Language pathologists generally define children as disorders if they lag significantly behind their age peers in reaching certain speech and language milestones. The importance of this lag is determined by a thorough professional examination. British studies show that the normal range for early language acquisitions is enormous. Most normal children speak their first word at anywhere from 6 to 18 months, and combine words into phrases for the first time at anywhere from 10 to 24 months. It takes a skilled practitioner to distinguish between a slow child who will eventually catch up and a child with a true delay.

33.) According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a cause of speech problems?

A) Physical injury
B) Disease
C) Emotional problems
D) Nutritional deficiency

34.)In line 12, the word "practitioner" means

A) professional.
B) doctor.
C) trainer.
D) laborer.

35.)According to the passage, a speech pathologist would most likely be concerned if a child had not spoken his first word by which of the following ages?

A) six months
B) one year
C) two years
D) eight months

36.)According to the passage, which of the following is true about language acquisition?

A) Most children learn to speak and form words at roughly the same age.
B) A child who has not spoken his first word by the age of six months is most likely disordered.
C) Most children begin to combine words into phrases by the age of eight months.
D) The normal range for language acquisition can vary widely among children.

37.)In line 10, "enormous" means

A) outrageous.
B) vast.
C) bloated.
D) tiny.

38.)Which of the following would be the BEST title for this passage?

A) "Adolescent Speech Disorders"
B) "A Cure for Speech Disorders"
C) "The Early Detection of Speech Disorders"
D) "The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Speech Disorders"

39.)The word "significantly" as it is used in line 8 means

A) not enough to worry about.
B) a great deal.
C) too much to measure quantitatively.
D) more than one month below normal.

40.)The pattern of growth in language, as stated in this passage, is

A) babbling to silence.
B) silence to syllables.
C) silence to some sound.
D) words to phrases.